Practice Labs is an IT competency hub, where users can ...

Practice IT

Practice IT in a live, real-world environment (work experience).

Prove IT

Prove IT skills to assessors and employers (certification and work-readiness).


Do IT with confidence and proficiency (employee development and career progression).

Image of Andrew and Josh part of our accessibility team

What is the Practice Labs solution?

Our solution consists of live (not simulated) IT Practice Labs and Exam Preps aligned with certifications from leading vendors such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Cisco and VMware. We have also built our own custom titles, working with subject matter experts in key topics such as cybersecurity, or in popular programming languages like Python.

Accessibility is central to all our product development and our accessibility team includes two graduates, Andrew and Josh from the Royal National College for the Blind.

How does it work?

We host, maintain and deliver hundreds of pre-configured Labs (hardware), each of which house a series of Lab Devices.

As users log into our Practice Lab Environment (PLE), where the actual practice takes place, they will be prompted to fire up the appropriate Lab Devices associated with whichever Practice Lab/Exam Prep/Custom title they are accessing at the time.

Our PLE can be integrated with leading Learning Management Systems (LMSs) or accessed 24/7 via any web browser.

Man using a Practice Lab Environment to learn IT skills
What is a Practice Lab
Show me how a Practice Lab works

The Practice Labs library expands on an ongoing basis, in line with the requirements of our partners and customers.

All our modules can be ‘mixed and matched’ to create curriculum-based or system-linked Custom Labs.

Beware of impersonators! We own the intellectual property of the Practice Labs solution having conceived and built it in-house. And we have invested heavily in infrastructure so we can guarantee robust quality control.

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