Making your IT training solutions stand out in today's competitive market is ever more difficult.

As the online IT training market becomes ever more competitive with the low barrier to entry. Making your solutions stand out is extremely difficult.

By using Practice Labs customers get access to real hardware and software they need to develop their practical skills. This is not a simulation but access to the actual equipment you would expect to find in any workplace.

Why choose Practice Labs?

LMS integration
Automated student fulfilment
Student tracking and reporting
Certification labs supporting Microsoft, Cisco, VMware & CompTIA titles

There is no better way to get an understanding of how Practice Labs would benefit your IT learning requirements than getting your hands dirty with it, why not request a demo.

 Existing customer scenarios

Why not bring your IT training content to life and improve your customer satisfaction by including Practice Labs into your training solutions.

We have worked with training partners that have developed their own lab steps and require a hosted solution for their learners.

We work with a number of training partners who include Practice Labs as part of their overall IT learning solution.

Practice Lab Learning Paths

We host a multitude of Lab configurations, enabling students to cover courseware and certification paths in Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and VMware.