About us

Our journey began with an idea to solve the problem of developing practical IT skills for our less experienced colleagues while working in corporate IT departments.

By making the relevant technologies available over the internet from a web browser we were de-risking the companies live systems and helping improve skills at the same time. As time passed by and online IT training became more mainstream we realised that we could provide those new to the industry with a platform to help them gain those hands on skills that are so vital.

We now continue to develop and improve the platform to meet the needs of our ever growing customer base and learners.


The following is a time line of the lows and highs of the last 9 years:


Idea for online server access pops into my head after Winston continually asks me how to perform certain IT tasks. #Learnbydoing

V1 is built and is running from the garage, much to the annoyance of the neighbours. We incorporate a business and call it Practice-IT (obviously). #madeit


Didn't sell very much, when I say not very much I mean nothing at all, thought we would be retired already. Must be something wrong with the platform, it needs more development. #whoneedssalesandmarketing

Our first real customers paying for our service!